DC Moi Virunthu

Awareness for farmers' issues & restoring water bodies in Tamil Nadu

Saturday July 29, 2017 - 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Freedom High School

25450 Riding Center Dr. Chantilly, VA 20152

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Moivirunthu on Saturday- guests who came in person and supported the cause and well wishers who could not, but supported by donating online. It was a great event attended by over 1300 people who feasted on sumptuous traditional food, played games that they had forgotten, sampled millet based traditional food items and watched folk dances, music programs etc. We are motivated and inspired by the support shown by you all and will start working on the Projects ASAP and keep you posted on the progress!

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Event Update

AIMS India Foundation has received a total of $52,127.45 through Moi Virunthu as of today, a fundraiser lunch event held on Saturday, 7/29 at Freedom High School, Chantilly, VA. This donation includes Cash contributions, Checks, Matching contributions from donors' employers, personal pledges and credit card donations at the event. This number may vary based on new donations or failed pledges by +/- 3%. The expenses incurred was $22,247.73 and the details are listed below. In addition to the donation contribution, we are excited to learn that the awareness has spread across to do more such initiative by other organizations as well.

Expense Details
Category Amount
Total Amount $22,247.73
Food $13,600.00
Snacks, Coffee, Water Bottles $1,039.90
Facility Rental $4,447.80
Stationery, Printing $1,293.95
Supplies $1,299.74
Finance Charge (CC, Pay Pal) $566.34

Team AIMS had set a target goal of $93,000 to generate revenue for all 5 outstanding water restoration project requests. We will continue pursuing our target goal for water restoration projects and update through the website and social media. It is never too late to contribute for this great cause. So, we request you to consider sponsoring a project or make additional contributions to complete all projects.

What is Moi Virunthu?

Farmers’ suicides are increasing in India due to failed crops, failed monsoons, lack of underground water, dry rivers and our failure to preserve canals, tanks and ponds which are used to be backup water resource during the dry periods. There has been an increased awareness recently in cleaning, desilting, and reclaiming these water bodies so that they can be used again as catchment areas during the monsoon period.

Through awareness, we made requests to initiate a fundraise program to support these projects. AIMS India Foundation took this as an opportunity to continue spreading the awareness among Indian community.

In addition to the fundraise activities, we plan to showcase cultural dance, games, food from the villages to remind ourselves about the significance of farming and our social responsibility to do our part. The event is hosted by AIMS India Foundation and supported by Tamil Sangam of Greater Washington along volunteers from Virginia and Maryland area Tamil Schools.

AIMS India Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempted organization has been involved in rejuvenating water sources and providing long term solutions to farmers in selected areas of Tamil Nadu. We would like to continue doing more such projects.

In line with our mission of Bringing people together, we are requesting all of you to support by giving back to our community so that we can change the livelihood of the farmers and the future generations.

We are proud to get inspiration from New Jersey’s Moi-Virunthu team and we hope this positive change will continue to inspire more people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Moi Virunthu?

    "Moi Virunthu" is an event, in which a family with financial difficulties invite people from, in and around their village to their home for a feast. People who attend the event after enjoying the meal, would in turn contribute monetary help to the host family, to assist them overcome their financial challenges.

    “Moi Virunthu” is a tradition, followed in rural areas of Tamil Nadu by farmers. “Moi”, a synonym for donation or help offered to the host family by eating lunch at their place and leaving gift money as offer to help the hosting family.  Team AIMS took that as an inspiration to raise funds, that can be used towards restoring water bodies, essential for farming in Tamil Nadu.

  • How many people attended Moi Virunthu?

    More than 1200 people, predominantly from VA, MD, DC and some from DE and PA area attended the Moi Virunthu.

  • How much Funds (total funds donated - total expenses) raised so far?

    As of 8/11/2017 We received a total of $52,127.45 as donation contribution. We spent $22,247.73 for the Food, Banana Leaves, Snacks, Coffee, Water bottles, Inventory Supplies, finance charges(paypal,credit card), Facility Rental etc for the event. Please check Event Update (UPDATE menu) section for expense details.

  • I missed Moi Virunthu event because I am living outside Washington DC area or could not make it due to other commitments. Can I contribute now?

    If you want to join hands with us to restore selected water bodies, you can donate through Paypal by visiting www.dcmoivirunthu.org. If you want to mail a check, please write a check, payable to AIMS India Foundation and mail to the address below.

    AIMS India Foundation,
    1337,Misty Dawn Drive,
    Herndon,VA 20171

    * All your contributions are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt to the Email ID or the mailing address provided

  • Is this a one-time initiative or a recurring event?

    Moi Virunthu event was started as a one-time initiative to raise awareness and to restore selected water bodies in Tamil Nadu. However, based on the immense responses received, we do consider continuing through phases and different avenues such as Run/Walk for Farmers' initiative. Please stay tuned for further updates.

  • What is AIMS India Foundation? What we do?

    AIMS India Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered and 501(c)(3) tax exempt in the US.

    Team AIMS focuses primarily in the areas of Education, Social Awareness, Rural Development, and Women's empowerment in rural India. AIMS was established as a cultural academy in 2001 and eventually registered as a non-profit and have been serving the people in-need.

  • Is my donation contribution exempted from US Income tax?

    Yes, 100% of your donation contributions are tax deductible for your US tax returns.

  • When will I receive tax receipt for my contribution?

    All donors will get a receipt for your tax purpose. Kindly leave your email ID and/or address during the donation process so the receipts can be duly mailed.

  • Is AIMS India Foundation adopting or donating to farmers’ families in India?

    No. Our intention is to restore selected water bodies, to directly benefit farming where possible. We have no plans to assist or adopt farmers’ families

  • Do we pay for volunteer hours for the volunteer’s support during the event?

    AIMS India Foundation do not pay any volunteers for their time and effort. However, we do acknowledge and appreciate everyone's contribution through recognitions and certificates of appreciation. Kids volunteers gets school credit for their service hours.

  • Are we affiliated with any political or religious groups?

    AIMS India Foundation does not associate or affliate itself with any political or religious group. The mission of this organization is to “Bring People Together” for a cause.

  • How can I be part of this small but, crucial initiative to restore selected water bodies?

    To be an active participant, identify any project which has dire needs to restore and benefit many farmers, provide the information such as the project scope, local approvals and support organizations that will execute the project, to our team for further action. Also you can participate in coordinating existing projects. For monetary support, you can also donate through you can donate through Paypal by visiting www.dcmoivirunthu.org. If you want to mail a check, please write a check, payable to AIMS India Foundation and mail to the address below.

    AIMS India Foundation,
    1337,Misty Dawn Drive,
    Herndon,VA 20171

    * All your contributions are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt to the Email ID or the mailing address provided

  • I want to join as a volunteer for similar events / initiatives by AIMS India Foundation. How can I join?

    Please write to info@aimsindia.net or teamaimsvc@gmail.com about your area of interest, any projects that you would like to lead, your expertise that can be utilized for volunteering and additional information that the team and charity can benefit from. Upon receipt of your email, you will be invited to our chapter meetings where you can learn about ongoing projects and volunteer activities and you can also share your ideas that will benefit the charity.

  • Did we spend any funds towards anything other than the mandatory needs for the moi virunthu event?


  • For additional information and questions, please contact us at info@aimsindia.net .


  • Projects Completed / In progress
    1. Tirunelveli Dt - Marudur Keelakkal (Waterbody Restoration) - Phase 1 - This project was successfully completed in Oct 2017. 100 acres of Batterkulam and the canal supplying water to the lake was cleaned.

      Project Cost $16,000
      AIMS Contribution $10,000
      Families Benefited Approx 800
      Area Benefited Approx 1000 Acres
      Status Completed - Oct 2017
    2. Virudunagar Dt - Srivalliputhur (Supporting Farmers - Farmers Empowerment) - 50 families in Mallipudur village were benefited in this project. Their agricultural lands that they had abandoned were cleaned of karuvelam trees and prepared for agriculture. Ground water is available and good monsoons have helped.

      Project Cost $3,000
      Farmers Benefited 25
      Area Cleaned 53 Acres
      Status Completed - Aug 2017
    3. Ariyalur Dt - Vilangudi (Waterbody Restoration) - Clean up and restoration of lakes in Vilangudi Panchayat – 3 lakes covering about 25 hectares was cleaned and desilted. Vegetation, encroachments were removed and shores strengthened. A check dam was constructed. This will supply water to 45 acres of paddy cultivation and also help people and feed cattle. Tree plantation around the Lake and Canal.

      Project Cost $15,000
      AIMS Contribution $3,000
      Area Cleaned 25 hectares
      Status Completed - Oct 2017
    4. Coimbatore Dt - Vellalore village (Waterbody Restoration) - Cleaning 6.5 km Channel to bring water to Vellalore Tank/Lake. Saving the rain water in Vellalore tank/ Lake for the Public use for agricultural purposes and daily needs

      Project Cost $2,800
      AIMS Contribution $2,300
      Area Cleaned 6.5 km channel
      Status Completed - Oct 2017
    5. Virudhunagar Dt. - Watrap block, Kottaiyur village - Cleanup and restoration of Canals - Phase 1 - To enable water to flow through the canals to support irrigation and water sufficiency to entire village people and live stock. Additional Tree planting adjacent to canals is in progress.

      Project Cost $9,500
      AIMS Contribution $3,425
      Families Benefited Approx 920
      Area Benefited 240 acres
      Status To be completed by Dec 2017
    6. Tirunelveli Dt - Marudur Keelakkal (Waterbody Restoration) - Phase 2 - The location of this poject is Badmanabamangalam village which is next to TholappanPannai (which was covered in Phase 1) in the Marudur Kelakkal canal.

      Project Cost $15,385
      AIMS Contribution $10,000
      Families Benefited Approx 1200
      Area Considered 65 acres
      Status Start Date - Jan 2018 - after monsoon season
  • What projects are awaiting for funding?
    1. Tanjore Dt - Kallapermbur (Waterbody Restoration) - Project coordinator is working with PWD to obtain approvals and permissions to proceed further.

      Project Estimate $5,000
    2. Pudukkottai Dt - Poovampatti village - Irrigation Tank Restoration Initiative - Project to kick start after the monsoon season.

      Project Estimate $3,000

For Project information, please visit AIMS India Foundation website.